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Attached Home Update in Juneau

Attached Home Update in Juneau

After yesterday’s market update about condominiums, I had someone ask me about attached homes (called zero lots in some markets). In Juneau right now, there are only 6 listings for attached homes. They range in price from $235,000 – 349,000. Four listings are currently pending, meaning they have accepted offers and a deal is inContinue Reading

Condominiums In Juneau Market Report

Condos seem to be a very hot commodity in Juneau this spring 2014! We have 10 units on the market ranging from $124,500 – $329,900. We have 13 currently pending sales ranging from $80,000 – $315,000. 11 condominium sales have closed in the last 3 months with a range of $91,000 – $305,000 If you areContinue Reading

Ten most important things when getting ready to list your home…

Ten most important things when getting ready to list your home…

When selling your home, the quicker the better. But before putting your house on the market there are a few simple things you can do to ensure it makes a positive first impression when potential buyers come looking. These 10 tips won’t take you much time or cost much money but they will give your homeContinue Reading

Doing the right thing, and it feels good!

Juneau is a small town, and pretty much everybody knows everybody else. It’s hard not to trip over each other, and over our clients. But the fact is, buyers and sellers come and go, we all need to continue to work together, and we don’t have room to cut-throat eachother. I just had a niceContinue Reading

You just might be a renter if…

You have no down payment.  If what you have to put into the transaction is less than first, last and deposit on a typical apartment… you just might be a renter.  With no down payment, you will usually pay a higher interest rate and more in loan fees. You have bad, or no credit.  LendersContinue Reading

REALTOR® of the Year!

REALTOR® of the Year is the highest honor that this Board can bestow upon one of its members.  The Award is presented annually to a REALTOR® nominated by their peers, then selected by the REALTOR® of the Year Committee, which is an impartial panel made up of past REALTORS® of the Year. The Committee reviewsContinue Reading

Juneau Tax Assessments are NOT Appraisals!

One of my clients recently wrote to me, telling me that someone who was interested in his home left him a voice mail stating that the lenders, buyers and sellers in our area were “in a twit” over our new tax assessments, which just came out.  The person who left the message for him isContinue Reading

Mid-May Real Estate Update

Mid-May Real Estate Update

May 10, 2007 Right now there are 91 single-family homes on the MLS in Juneau, ranging in price from $185,000 – $1,400,000. The average asking price is $383,382.  The median is $345,000 <250,000 – 11 listings <300,000 – 13 listings <350,000 – 26 listings <400,000 – 13 listings <450,000 – 12 listings <500,000 – 4Continue Reading


With an average single-family home running over $375,000 (Median just under $350,000) in Juneau, it is a common decision to pursue the condominium as an “affordable housing option”. As of April 29, 2007 there are 33 condominiums available in the Juneau area ranging in price from $107,000 – 293,635.  Thirteen of those units are newContinue Reading

RELAX, Chicken Little!

The sky is not falling!  The Juneau real estate market is NOT crashing. Right now there are 76 single family homes on the MLS in Juneau.  That is a LOT for this market.  Most of 2006 there were only about 35 single family homes available at any given time.  Everywhere you look there are “ForContinue Reading