An acre in Alaska?

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Once or twice a month, I get an email that goes something like this:

“I am thinking of buying an acre in Alaska.  Can you help me?”

That’s it.

I’d like to think I’m pretty good at helping people.  Times like this I wonder. I’m not psychic!

I need more information.  Where?  Alaska is over 365 MILLION acres.

Dealing with remote property, I probably get these questions more often than some agents.

Approximately 65% of Alaska is owned and managed by the US Federal Government as national forests, national parks, or national wildlife refuges.  The State of Alaska owns 24.5%.  10% is managed by thirteen regional and dozens of local Native corporations created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.  Various private interests own the remaining land, totaling less than 1%.

That’s still a lot of land.  Some is waterfront, some not.  Much of this is remote, not connected to towns or villages.  I’ve seen land from under $1000 to over $1,000,000 PER ACRE.

Don’t be shy.  Give your agent enough information that he or she can help you.

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