Dreaming of summer and digging in the dirt

One of the activities that bring me out of winter and into spring involves gardening.  Catalogues, planning and dreaming!  This year, it seems many of my favorite companies have either delayed sending them out, or perhaps have gone paperless.  At least a few companies have switched to sending paper catalogues every other year as well.  That’s fine – less clutter.


Part of a great landscaping plan involves planning.  Our gardening season is wet, cool and short in Southeast Alaska, so there seems to be a lot of time to plan and dream during the long winters.  This year is especially hard because we have so little snow cover. (Hopefully I mulched enough to protect my hundreds of bulbs!)  When we have white on the ground, it seems to reflect what little light we have.  Right now, the sun comes up about 9AM and it’s completely dark by 3PM.



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