Elfin Cove

Elfin Cove 58.11North 136.20 West

Elfin Cove lies on the northern shore of Chichagof Island, 33 miles west of Hoonah and 85 miles west of Juneau.  It is tucked into a safe harbor on the northern corner of Chichagof Island.

Only a few miles off the Gulf of Alaska, it offers spectacular fishing of safe inside waters, or a short boat ride to the open ocean where the really big fish live.  Halibut over 100 pounds are caught all season, and occasionally well over 300 pound trophy fish are brought in by lucky anglers.  These large fish are the breeding stock, so limits are strictly enforced.  (Most locals prefer to keep fish in the 35-80 pound range for that reason.)  King (Chinook) and Silver (Coho) are abundant as well.

The community, built mostly around the inner harbor, has no streets, only boardwalks.  At the last census count, there were only 32 residents year around, but the community comes alive in summer when all the fishing lodges and the restaurant open.  Commercial fishermen use the harbor as well.

Before the post office opened in 1935, Elfin Cove was known by a few other names, one being “Gunk Hole”, which was borrowed from the East Coast where in connotes any safe harbor.  The post office changed the name because the only resident willing to be postmaster would not take charge of “Gunk Hole” so the town was renamed after her husband’s boat, the Elfin.



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