Nobody should go hungry.


I get cranky when I’m hungry.  I don’t mean just a little grouchy either.  I mean I become unreasonable, and it can turn me into a very unkind person. 

Because of this, I have a theory.  If everybody had enough healthy food to eat, the world would become a nicer place.   

When my boys were small, we had some pretty serious struggles.  At times, I had a difficult time making sure all the bills were paid, day care was paid for, fuel in the car (or bus fare) and for a time, that I had enough money to keep two babies in diapers.  I also had to make sure my children were properly clothed – especially during those long, wet and cold Alaskan winters.  We had to buy food as well, and boys, especially growing boys, never seem to stop eating.  They also run in packs – when you have a houseful of kids, they all get hungry and will eat the cardboard boxes when there is no more cereal!

Southeast Alaska has been very generous to me over the last several years and I’ve always tried to give back when I could.  Last week, our community held a food drive for the Southeast Alaska Food Bank.  I was out of town when advertising sponsorships were available.  I really felt bad that I wasn’t participating.  So, I jumped into my truck and made a little shopping trip.

My receipt was over 8 feet long.  I didn’t really think about that except I was interviewed by every radio station promoting the event.  Several businesses were bringing in large donations… Guess I got a little carried away.  When they finally finished weighing the donation from Prudential Southeast Alaska Real Estate, the total was over 800 pounds!  Great timing for our city manager, pictured here “behind bars”!  He made his goal early and was released…

I think next year, we will try for 1000 pounds.  That was a lot of fun!

Debbie White and Rod Swope


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