Doing the right thing, and it feels good!

Juneau is a small town, and pretty much everybody knows everybody else.

It’s hard not to trip over each other, and over our clients.

But the fact is, buyers and sellers come and go, we all need to continue to work together, and we don’t have room to cut-throat eachother.

I just had a nice visit from another licensee in our town.  She brought me a HUGE bag of Boy Scout Chocolatey Triple Delight as a “thank you”!

I listed a house and someone emailed me about it right after it hit my website.  My seller had told me an agent we both knew mentioned in passing she might just know the right person for her beautiful home.

Since just about everyone appears to be on Facebook, I’ve developed a habit of looking to see if people are there.  There’s a safety element to that, but mostly it’s to help me recognize them when I get there. I can also see if we have any “mutual friends” which makes getting that connection easier.

Well, we had several “mutual friends”.  One just happened to be that licensee.  While it was a bit akward, I got them hooked back up.

Yeah, I could have taken the client.  But I didn’t.  I’ve also deepened the trust I have with that licensee.  And I did the right thing.

Popcorn, anyone?

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