You just might be a renter if…

You have no down payment.  If what you have to put into the transaction is less than first, last and deposit on a typical apartment… you just might be a renter.  With no down payment, you will usually pay a higher interest rate and more in loan fees.

You have bad, or no credit.  Lenders aren’t going to give you a low rate because you are young and cute.

You need the sellers to sell $20,000 or more below true value.  When did your financial situation become their problem?

You need the sellers to contribute more than customary contributions to closing costs.  Once again, why is your lack of participation in this process the seller’s problem?

Pay off those student loans.  Don’t buy the brand new car or motorcycle.  Slow down.  Get a library card and read instead of hitting the bar scene every weekend.  Save up some money.

Do something to build up your credit and savings.

Contrary to popular opinion, this isn’t a buyer’s market.  This is a balanced market. 

Now if only one or two of the above apply to you, it’s still possible for you to buy a home.  If all four situations above apply, fix it and come back later.

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