Close call – AVALANCHE!

Today I had a home inspection at 10AM on Douglas Island.  I was almost directly across the channel from another listing that I needed to visit.  The seller is pulling the home off the market so he can do some upgrades.  Since we rent our lockboxes, I was going to go pick mine up and turn it into the MLS.

Our home inspection was completed at 12:30.  So, off to Thane Road I go… until my phone rings.

An old friend wanted to see two of my listings.  One was on Douglas Island, and the other was on the mainland in Mountainside Estates.  I didn’t go out Thane Road.  When I got home, this was on the front page of the online version of our local newspaper:


The residents of Thane Road will likely be cut off from town for at least a few days while they blast to make sure no more snow will come down and clear the roadway.  It is estimated the snow is 18 feet deep and 300 feet wide.  As far as we know, nobody was driving on the road.

Thanks, Daria!  You might have saved my life! The slide happened at about 1:00PM.  I would have been driving through this area, or on the other side, if she hadn’t called.

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